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Sink/sewer/washbasin/toilet/bathtub/pipe cleaning stick

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1. Made of 100% non-toxic and powerful enzymes, it can effectively remove sediment, grease and odor in the sewer.

2. Suitable for drainage pipes of sinks, hand washing boxes, bathtubs, toilets, floor drains.

3. Just put one into the drainage pipe, it can be used for one month.


1. Size: 10cm*0.5cm

2. Color: random color

3. Quantity: 12 pieces/box

Suggestions for use:

Because the decontamination rod is long, it cannot enter the pipeline well. In order to make it fully enter the bending position of the pipeline, it is recommended to break it into several small sections when putting it into the pipeline, so that the decontamination rod can be fully decomposed to better remove the dirt in the pipeline.

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