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Ultra-soft toothbrush (over 10,000 bristles)

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The Toothbrush Reinvented.
With over 10,000 ultra-soft bristles!
Providing a gentle and deep cleaning experience.

Ergonomically built to reduce pressure while brushing to avoid enamel erosion and ending sensitive teeth.  

12000 bristles (80x times more than traditional brushes) that eliminate all the plaque giving you a whiter smile. 

80-nanometers thick flossing tips to deeply clean between your teeth and eliminate any food debris and bacteria for a fresher breath.

Ultra-soft bristles perfectly clean the gum line while gently massaging your gums. No more painful brushing or bleeding gums!

Compact head design to access those hard-to-reach areas and between braces to remove hidden build-up.

12,000 bristles provide a thorough clean.


Painless brushing for sensitive teeth.


Gentle on your gums to end bleeding.


No enamel erosion. 

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