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Quickly and easily drill well-centered holes with the Self-Centering Drill Bits!
Increase your productivity on the job, while improving the overall quality of your work.
The Self-Centering Drill Bits makes precise and accurate drilling simple!
The Self-Centering Drill Bits make precise drilling quick and easy!
Save your time and energy by effortlessly creating perfectly centered holes.
Drill accurate, well-centered holes every time with the Self-Centering Drill Bits!
The Self-Centering Drill Bit is built with a spring-loaded guide that centers the bit.
The spring-loaded guide within the bit creates precise positioning - every time.
With perfectly aligned positioning, you'll create a clean and professional final product.7 BITS INCLUDED, VERSATILE SIZING
The Self-Centering Drill Bits come in 7 different sizes, ensuring you'll always have the right sized bit for any job.
The bits are perfect for door hinge installation, cabinet installation, drawers and more.
Work smarter and increase your productivity with precise and accurate drilling!ACCURATE, RELIABLE & BUILT TO LAST
Crafted from carbon steel and aircraft-grade aluminum, the drill bits are durable, strong and built to withstand extended use.
✓ Material: Carbon Steel & Aluminum
✓ Drill Bit Sizing: 5/64 in, 7/64 in, 9/64 in, 11/64 in, 5mm, 13/64 in, 1/4 in


 Stable positioning, will not move when in use
 Easy to use and install, great for door hinge installation
 High-speed, durable steel body
 Sawdust will never block the drill due to automatically being discharged during use
 Get precisely centered holes for hinges, handles, drawer sliders, etc.

Package Includes:

— 7 Standard Sizes Commonly Used By Professional Woodworkers
— 5/64":Diameter: 2mm, use 2.2 - 2.8mm Self-tapping Screw, Drilling Hole
— 7/64":Diameter: 2.8mm, use 3 - 3.5mm Self-tapping Screw, Drilling Hole
— 9/64":Diameter: 3.5mm, use 4 - 4.5mm Self-tapping Screw, Drilling Hole
— 11/64"Diameter: 4.5mm, use 5 - 5.5mm Self-tapping Screw, Drilling Hole
5mm:Diameter: 5mm, use 5.5 - 6mm  Self-tapping Screw, Drilling Hole
13/64":Diameter: 5.2mm, use 6 - 6.5mm Self-tapping Screw, Drilling Hole
1/4":Diameter: 6.35mm, use 7 - 7.5mm Self-tapping Screw, Drilling Hole

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