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9/18/36/64 Pockets Green Grow Bags Planter

Vertical Garden Vegetable Living Garden Bag Seedling Wall Hanging Plant Growing Bags

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Our plant grow bags are perfect for planting strawberries, vegetables and foliage plants in your home balcony or garden. It is very easy to hang on the wall or handrail, and it could help you save much space. It is made of felt material, eco-friendly and durable to use. It also could be used as wall greening, a large pieces of green plants that hung on the wall could make people feel comfortable. So, what are you waiting for? Come on and choose our plant grow bags for your family!

Size:1 cm=0.39inch,  1 inch=2.54cm

2 Pockets: (length x height): 20*35cm/7.87*13.78inch

3 Pockets: (length x height): 20*50cm/7.87*19.68inch

4 Pockets: (length x height): 35*35cm/13.78*13.78inch

6 Pockets: (length x height): 35*50cm/13.78*19.68inch

9 Pockets: (length x height): 50*50cm/19.68*19.68inch

12 Pockets: (length x height): 65*50cm/25.60*19.68inch

18 Pockets: (length x height): 50*100cm/19.68*39.37inch

25 Pockets: (length x height): 100*100cm/39.37*39.37inch

36 Pockets: (length x height): 100*100cm/39.37*39.37inch

49 Pockets: (length x height): 100*100cm/39.37*39.37inch

64 Pockets: (length x height): 100*100cm/39.37*39.37inch

72 Pockets: (length x height): 100*100cm/39.37*39.37inch

81 Pockets: (length x height): 100*100cm/39.37*39.37inch

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