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Multipurpose Retractable Plant Pulley Hanger for Garden and Balcony

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A fantastic way to water and display flowers or plants!

Struggle to water your hanging plants or fill in the birdhouse? Now you'll simply raise and lower your hanging things with this Retractable Hook for Gardening! It is a retractable pully hanger options a sturdy hanging strap.

Maximum extension up to 90 cm and carries up to 15 kg. It's great because it snaps onto any hook and fits on perfectly to any standard basket hanger.

Retractable Plant Hanger: Features a hanging strap with 90 cm maximum extension length. With the smart lock design, swiftly raise or lower an object and lock it in any position.

Sturdy and Durable: The hook and nylon rope is strong enough to hold a maximum weight of 15 kg plant or flower basket.

1. Pull down the strap rope perpendicularly to the ground on desired height, if it has not blocked, do not immediately let go.
2. Slowly pull out 1-3 cm to block it.

Suitable for: Holds decorative hanging plants, flower basket, pots, birdcage and more. These easy reach plant pulley will keep your plants healthy and living without a mess.

Maximum Extension Length: 35 inches (90 cm)
Load Capacity: 1 kg - 15 kg
Colour: Black
Quality: PET Nylon Rope

Product Inclusions:
1 / 3 / 5pcs x Retractable Hook for Gardening

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