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Eyelashdance™ Hydrophonic Liquid Fertilizer

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Give your plants an extra boost other than standard solid chemical fertilizers! Make your hard work in the garden pay off!

Hydrophonic Liquid Fertilizer boosts plant growth and revives wilted plants, resulting in stronger roots and prolonged flowering.

Designed to enhance plant Size and structure, our MAX formula allows for more abundant fruit, flower, and bud development with essential nutrient blends.

Our eco-friendly plant booster promotes stronger rooting in a shorter time while developing resistance against plant diseases.

The liquid form penetrates evenly and deeply to balance the pH level of the soil for vigorous & healthy growth. 


  • BIGGER GROWTH: Stimulates structural and vegetative growth for enhanced plant size.

  • NOURISHING BLENDS: Unique blends of the world’s fastest-growing organisms to promote vigorous growth and prolonged flowering.
  • STRENGTHEN ROOTS: Build stronger roots and supports healthy root growth.
  • FAST RESULT: Instant penetration to the soil & quick-acting solution.
  • REVIVE PLANTS: Heal root systems and increase nutrient cycling. Revive dying plants, making them lush & healthy again. 

  • UNIFORM APPLICATION: Spread evenly in soil or water in liquid form for uniform coverage & nutrition supply.
  • SUSTAINABLE SOLUTION: Eco-friendly and pH balancing to increase the bioavailability of nutrients.

  • EASY TO USE: Simply apply drops directly to the soil. No mixing required.


  • Size: 38 ml


  • Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer (1pc / 3pcs / 6pcs / 9pcs)
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