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Eyelashdance™ High-Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun

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    Just Enjoy Your DIY Talent

    • If you are a DIY lover or just busy in industrial processing.
    • The High-Temperature Hot Melt Glue Gun will be your best choice.
    • Don’t need to be bothered by the broken fragment or debris, with the hot glue gun, you can repair anything you want easily and just enjoy your DIY talent on handicrafts.
    • The hot glue gun can be widely used in home, office and industrial, mainly used for toy model, artificial flower, Christmas tree, fabric decorations, metal products, wood products, card paper, electronic circuit board and so on.
    • It is absolutely a perfect home and industrial helper for you!
    Easy To Use:

    • 1. Install the stand holder and support the glue gun.
    • 2. Insert the glue stick from the end of the glue gun to the barrel of the gun. Preheated for 2-3 minutes.
    • 3. Pull the trigger to squeeze out the glue and control the amount of glue.
    • 4. After pulling out the power, the glue gun will continue to work for a while because of heat storage.

    WHY CHOOSE US -- Full-Size Glue Gun With Copper Hot Nozzle
    • Metal Safety Stand -- Each hot melt glue gun is equipped with a stainless steel stand, which can be heated easily and effectively prevent the melt back to damage the gun. More convenient and secure during your using process.
    • Copper Hot Nozzle -- The full copper hot nozzle makes you better control the glue in a different area of usages, fast heating and practical.
    • Soft Rubber Inlet -- The newly upgraded fluorine rubber inlet design, high temperature resistant with soft material, effectively prevent the back-flow of glue, absolutely safe and reliable.

    WHAT YOU DESIRED -- Dual Power Glue Guns with Great Glue Sticks
    - Two Power Design
    • 60w - Best for some easy handiwork like fabric decorations, card paper or DIY works.
    • 100w - Great for heavy-duty jobs such as wooden crafts, electronic circuit board or industrial use.

    - 20pcs Premium Glue Sticks
    • High purity
    • Good flexibility
    • Strong adhesion
    • Fast drying
    • Without pungent odor

    - Comfortable Experience
    • New material manufacturing with ergonomic handle design, make the grip of the full-size glue gun feel more comfortable, no fatigue feeling for long time using.

    DETAILS YOU MAY KNOW -- High-Quality Material Craft Glue Guns
    Warm Tips --
    • Please use the glue sticks with the recommended size of diameter in 10.8-11.5mm (0.42-0.45 inches).
    • In the process of use, if the glue stick is not fully used at a time, please DON’T take it out; it can be used directly after preheated for 2-3 minutes next time.
    • Never lay flat the hot glue gun in use.
    • The glue gun must be placed on its stand when not in use.
    Warm Tips --
    • Allow the hot melting glue gun to cool completely before storing, cause the high-temperature nozzle may destroy other items.
    • The glue gun may appear smoking when it is heated for the first time. It is because plastic scraps remain in the gun shell during the process. This is a normal phenomenon, please don't worry, and the smoke will disappear after continuous heating. If the glue gun still smokes during use, you can take the gun shell apart and blow it slightly.
    Product specifications:
    • Power:60/ 100W
    • Working Voltage: 100-240V
    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.07-0.11 inches
    • Nozzle Material: Copper
    • Cable Length: 47 inches
    • Product Size: 7.5 x 6.3 inches
    • Glue Stick Size: 0.43 inch (Diameter) * 7.8 inch (Length)
    • Recommended Glue Stick Size: 0.42-0.45 inches (Diameter)
    • Materials: ABS Plastic & Aluminum

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