Eyelashdance™ The most practical gift for mothers ! Steam mop!!
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Eyelashdance™ The most practical gift for mothers ! Steam mop!!

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It's time to upgrade the equipment! !To make cleaning easier, but also for the health of you and your family.

Compared with the traditional mop, the steam mop is a subversive improvement!
  • When you use a steam mop, you don't have to worry about the residue of dust and stains, you don't need to worry about small corners that cannot be cleaned, and you don't even need to worry about bacteria and fungi from the dirt remaining on the mop head.

Disruptive change:

  • The steam mop adopts a physical cleaning method and does not need to use any chemical cleaners.
  • After the cleaning is completed, there will be no chemical residues, ensuring that your children and pets play in the room without health hazards!
  • As we all know, due to the high temperature, steam can not only clean but also disinfect! With a steam mop, you can ensure absolute cleanliness!

Buy now and we will give away a total of 12 steam mop accessories!

With a variety of combinations of mops and accessories, you can clean almost everything in the room! ! Even the car outside the room!

  • In the kitchen: Remove grease from the oven in a few seconds.
  • On the floor: Clean and disinfect floors such as marble, tile, stone, and parquet.

  • On the carpet: Clean the stain and the entire surface in a few minutes.
  • In the bathroom: It becomes a powerful manual steam cleaner, making your bathroom cleaner than ever.

  • In the children's room: You can disinfect all the toys, curtains, mattresses, and carpets the baby plays with.
  • In the living room: Just clean it once, and you will see the scene you saw when you first stepped into this house-everything is new!
  • On clothes: Stains can be removed, and curtains can be refreshed. Steam can not only clean stains but also revitalize fabrics.

  • Your sink will glow and be disinfected. With the power of steam, without any chemical substances, the meat fat remaining during cooking is softened, and it is easy to remove them with a cloth.
  • In the car: car seat, wheel or engine can be used!
  • It can even be used on windows, mirrors, walls, etc.


  • Steam is ready in 10 seconds
  • Power: 1300W
  • It has a 400ml water tank
  • Powerful steam, healthy, efficient, and clean
  • Ecologically clean, modern design
  • Remove parasites, bacteria, and microorganisms
  • Different accessories can clean any type of surface, from hard floors to fabrics.
  • Adjustable steam to suit the needs of each surface
  • Do not use chemicals when cleaning
  • Flexible, lightweight, and easy to use


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