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Cat Funny Toy Automatic

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💗 Cats have fun and relax.
💗 Cats don’t make a mess.
💗 No more worrying about cats getting bored. 



For most of us, pets are more than just happy little creatures. They are pure and loving companions. But what happens when we leave them at home for hours? They get bored and start making a mess. 

💗 Funny cat toy attracts cats on so many levels.
It has soft feathers that appear randomly.
💗 It has three lights (orange, blue, purple) that a cat simply can’t be happy with. 


💗 You can relax - no more worries about what cats will do.
💗 Several cats can be played at the same time.
💗 Feel safe and carefree wherever you go (at home, on a trip). 
💗 Enjoy and have fun watching them.


This toy with replaceable feather and automatic felt, not only can play with the cat, but also take away the hair on the ground, making cat owner more convenient, which is a good helper.

1. Vibration activation: in the intelligent mode, the cat's paw vibrates to trigger the operation, so as to amuse the boring time and release the vitality of meow.
2. Smart color reminder: Orange -Normal mode, Blue- Intelligent mode, Purple -Replace feathers. 
3. Feather play with the cat: feather movement appears randomly to satisfy cat's hunting nature, which is funny.
4. Move randomly: when encountering an obstacle, teaser will turn automatically, and there is no need to worry about it being stuck in the corner.
5. Replaceable feather: the feather is made of macaron natural turkey feather, which is soft and safe, and is replaceable.
6. Automatic felt: with the use of cleaning circle, it can tease the cat and automatically take away the hair on the ground.
7. How long can I play on a single charge?
(1)In smart mode, you can play intermittently for about one day
(2)Non-stop play (only feathers stick out), it can play for about 4 hours
(3)Non-stop play (feathers stick out and running),it can play for about 2 hours

Size: 156*156*92mm
Charging voltage: 5V
Battery: polymer lithium battery
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Storage mode: USB charging
Signal light: red - to be charged; blue - charging; green - fully charged.

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