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🔥Christmas Promotion 49%-🎅Animal Carving Handcraft Wall Hanging

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In the moonlight sky, the wolf family is howling. I feel the sound in my ears, this is the feeling of wonderful nature!
🐦🐦The Humming is dancing gracefully, because it is waiting for the beautiful spring, and the vitality of nature is very strong.Birds and wood are perfectly combined to form a wonderful wall decoration!
cement Living room decoration:Using the world's largest golden eagle to combine decorations, the entire artwork shows the eagle’s ambitions and is one of the best gifts for friends
Wooden wall Office decoration!This is to satisfy the wish of hunting hunters, bears and hunters show this kind of very active lifestyle, the first choice for people who like nature and hunting
Beautiful flowers and parrots are combined together, beautiful atmosphere and beauty have always been the first of home decoration
These animal sculptures are inspired by the lives of animals and truly reflect the beauty of nature. The best Christmas gifts and wall decorations
Wolf with Moon and Pines Handcarved in Wood by witdiary, Wooden Meaningful Gift For Hunters, Cottage Deco For Wild Nature Lovers with Bark.
Grizzly bear carving Wood Carving with Bark Hand Made Gift Wall Hanging for a hunt lovers Rustic OOAK Gift 
🔥Perfect home decoration, living room, bedroom, anywhere!they became popular with buyers across the country and around the world!😁
It is so incredibly life-like...we will continue to work and hope that our creations will be a wonderful decoration of your home or a gift for your loved ones.

🐂These animal wall hangings seem to have life, bringing artistic atmosphere and tranquility to your house.

❤️Handmade. It is a unique piece, made entirely by hand with the chisels and knives. I use only high quality material, so the sculpture is very stable, it does not crack over the time.
👍They can be hung with two nails, A great gift for your friends, family, or why not for yourself.

I’m really enjoying the process of delving deeper into wood art and exploring new techniques. I work in metal, wood, glass, paint, and even pencil lead carving! I love to create and do this full-time.

I love to create- it’s my life. I’ve worked as an artist forever and have done everything from electrical engineer to menswear stores. The list goes on! But after all these years of working in so many mediums, I seemed to have found my niche creating wood art. I am an artist first and a Woodcarver second, and my varied background makes me different from many other Wood Artists. Having that diverse background and experience allows me to create unique designs …and love the Folk-art.

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