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Lbigail is an e-commerce company. Mainly all kinds of fashion, beauty, healthy, home decorations, car accessories and gadgets. Since its establishment in March 2023, Lbigail has been dedicated to discovering good products for European and American consumers with a high-quality product management policy. Operating a full range of products, through high-standard and efficient material selection, more than 6,000 high-quality and best-selling products have been selected.

Our products are rich in variety, based on improving the quality of life of our customers. So far, we have provided products to more than 5000 customers.

Brand development time:

March 2023


August 2023

Serving the 5300th customer

December 2023

The number of products exceeds 3900

"Improve the quality of life"
This has always been the pursuit of every consumer. Our vision is that through our products, you can see exquisite and good things everywhere, so as to improve your quality of life and enjoy a comfortable life.

Company Profile
Qingdao COSCO Bona Commercial Operation Management Co., Ltd.
Room 305, Building 39-3, No. 396, Emeishan Road, Huangdao District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province